Four Picks For A Traditional Look

Tradition is that accumulation of experiences that have created a society, culture, people and nation. Along the way, there has been a reinvention of tradition to suit the needs of the modern era. In the realm of tradition, fashionable accessories have undergone the metamorphosis of changes. There has been a reinvention of traditional designs to fulfil the needs of modern consumers.

But suddenly the situation has changed. Collectively, the hearts and minds of people have started yearning for traditional fashion accessories and accessories again. Dare by Voylla has been on the forefront of retaining ethnic and traditional designs. Here are four picks to look modern and spunky even in a traditional look.

Dual Plated Classy Bracelet


No distance travelled is far enough – because the Classy Bracelet wearer won’t stop short of travelling the seven seas to get to that grand goal. This is a stylish bracelet for the constant traveller – the one who not just travels on the road, but through life. Simply put it on, jump into that convertible and head to the latest DJ event. Get inviting stares – get into the mode of being naughty-cal.

Pink Stone Sterling Silver Ring


The metrosexual man is hard yet soft. He cuts wood and also knits his partner’s dresses. He wears boots to work, and also loves pink shirts. This is one such accessory that befits his stature as a mover-and-shaker – the man that most women want. The Pink Stone Adorned ring is just that – a brilliant ring with a centerpiece pink stone. Wear it on a rainy day, sunny day, cloudy day – make every day a shining day. Get that shine and radiance into one’s life by simply wearing this ring.

Golden Kada


Kadas are forever – they never go out of fashion given that these accessories can blend with any outfit. It could be an ethnic outfit, an official one, or a casual dress – a kada blends perfectly. With a textured surface crafted on sterling silver, it will complement all your outfits. It is for men of panache, perfect finish, tenacity and inner strength. Wear this to not just look fashionable, but likeable.

Classy Hoops

A hoop earring is a phenomenal accessory that is not only classy, but modern, athletic, and forever trending. These studs are made of stainless steel that is hard and resistant to wear and tear. Make it a permanent fixture, and become that hoopster! The one who is jumping high even when not playing basketball!

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