7 Cricketers Known For Fashion Sense!

Cricket has come a long way from being a gentleman’s game to a game of glamor and cheer-girls. From being sporting idols, cricketers are now fashion idols. Fans don’t just try to imitate a cricketer’s playing style, but also get inspired by their fashion sense. There are several cricketers who understand this fact. They are fashionable not just because their fans want them to be, but it’s in their personality to look the best. Here’s presenting 7 such cricketers known for their fashion sense. 1 Mitchell Johnson can bounce people with his body art and fashion Cricketers known Fashion SenseThe tall strapping Australian bowler is known for his handlebar mustaches and tattoo art covering his arms. His toned body is the perfect inspiration for those wanting to understand what ‘lean and mean’ means. Off the field, his fashion quotient is also very high. Like in this dress, he shows his windy attitude with a shirt worn over a black T and blue denims. A simple yet dashing look – somehow we thought he could have worn a pendant. Fans can emulate this look with a pendant or gold chain, and tattoo designs on the arms. Nothing can look more bouncing for the onlooker than this. 2 Virat Kohli’s fashion style is flamboyant as his batting Virat Kohli Cricketers known Fashion SenseHe is India’s lynchpin batsman and has led the team to many a memorable victory. Known for his die-hard attitude, his off-field style is a mix of calm dynamics and silent ruggedness. In this snapshot, his style is as cool and calm as the blue ocean. He sports a white blazer that radiates the energy of the sun. With or without beard, Kohli’s charisma is more than just facial hair –it’s his taut jawline that conveys grit! Wear the Kohli attitude with a bracelet or a subtle earring. Get out into the sun and compete with the sun – who is the brightest? 3 James Anderson’s hairstyle is the most loved James Anderson Cricketers known Fashion SenseHe is the English team’s bowling ace. His hairdos have found him as much as fans as his out-swingers. Off the field, he is a swinger as well, bowling maidens over with his cool and collected fashion sense. Seen here is a simple but striking appearance in a graphical T-shirt and denims. Fans can opt for this look and make it look even better by wearing a locket, some finger rings, and such jewelry accessories. It’s not really a show of pomp but a show of flair. Get the Anderson hairdo, flaunt those jewelry accessories and drive that BMW! 4 M.S. Dhoni hits a sixer whenever he steps out M S Dhoni Cricketers known Fashion SenseA leader is watched closely, from the time he steps out of his home, into the dressing room, onto the field, at the airport and back to the hotel room. Dhoni’s leadership skills on the fashion circuit are remarkable too. Seen here is Dhoni with the lead actor of a Bollywood film based on his life and career. He flaunts his toned body with a tight-fit full-sleeve t-shirt and greenish denim pants. Most importantly it is the cool-air attitude and a bright smile. Dhoni is the perfect Mr. Cool. It is time to get a Mr. Cool look too. Combine this style with some jewelry accessories for men. 5 Shahid Afridi’s fashion is all about boom boom Shahid Afridi Cricketers known Fashion SenseHe is a powerful all-rounder who can hit sixes effortlessly and mesmerize batsmen with his fast leg-breaks. When not playing, he likes to sport fashion that fuses the east and west. Out here is one such dress that looks like a crossover between a kurta and a western overcoat. It’s all about rising to the occasion be it on the field or in fashion. Afridi’s color combinations are spot-on as his field placings. His supporters can carry forward his style quotient with a trademark beard, east-meet-west fashion wear and some exquisite jewelry. 6 Brendon McCullum’s fashion is as unconventional as his reverse sweep sixes Brendon McCulum Cricketers known Fashion SenseMcCullum is a daring striker with the ability to play unconventional shots. The kiwi right-hand batsman possesses the enormous skill to unsettle even the most fearsome bowlers. When not pulverizing bowlers, he is a pretty possessed person – possessed with gratifying fashion. Like in this formal suit avatar that completely contradicts his tattoo sporting, reverse hitting batting histrionics. 7 Chris Gayle’s Gangnam style on and off the field Chris Gayle Cricketers known Fashion SenseThe prince of the calypso is known for this exploits on and off the field. His big beaming sixes and beaming smiles reflect his sun-and-sands attitude. Pictured here is a typical calypso style that befits his personality. It’s all about fun, frolic, music, sun, sands, drums and loads of jewelry. Combine all of the aforementioned looks with some sparkling jewelry. Buy them at Voylla, the world’s premier online jewelry store retailing jewelry of all sizes, shapes, specifications, prices, metals, designs – but everything at the highest quality!
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