Beginner's Guide To Choosing Engagement Ring For Men

Buying an engagement ring for men is at most times a scary thought. There is a lot of pressure on the buyer to make an informed purchase. Being a symbol of long-lasting love and commitment, an engagement ring should portray distinctiveness, elegance, and uniqueness. So here are some steps to choose perfect engagement rings for men and boys.

Establishing The Budget

Keeping a budget in mind helps keep one’s choices within a price range. There is no harm in keeping a buffer of an extra 5% to 15% of the overall price so that even if the budget overshot, it’s still manageable. Voylla is not only the perfect place to purchase budget engagement and diamond rings for males, but it is a place to select affordable designs of high quality and perfect finish.

Engagement Ring for men

This gold plated ring in sterling silver is an example. Affordably priced and made of 925 sterling silver, the CZ stone studded engagement ring is a marvelous piece to purchase for a marvelous occasion.

Buy A Ring That Has The ‘Surprise’ Factor

Even men like surprises because the modern man appreciates jewelry when made for them. Look for a ring design for male occasions that is unique, interesting, exciting, contemporary, traditional and distinctive. Just like the unique designer CZ studded golden ring shown in this image. This gold plated designer engagement ring would be the one that would make a man gladly show his ring finger to wear it!

Engagement Ring For Men

The Engagement Ring Band Metal

Common metals for men engagement rings are silver, gold-plated, rose-gold plated, yellow gold and platinum. Then there are alloys as well that could add a different variety and dimension to the engagement ring. Platinum is known to be long-lasting but could dull faster than gold. It’s not easy to bring back the texture to platinum once it is gone. Gold has more shine than platinum. Even if it fades, since it is a soft metal, it is easier to restore its texture. Its softness could mean that its durability may not match-up to platinum. But the timeline for that is about 15-20 years, so it’s a very long time for a gold-plated or gold engagement ring to start becoming weaker. Silver-plated or silver-looking engagement rings have a timeless appeal and are very popular amongst the fashion-conscious. Silver rings for men come in a variety of designs that could outnumber gold or platinum designs. Their form factor is unmistakable like this engagement ring which is silver plated with a simple, charming and eternal design.

Engagement Ring For Men

Personal Tastes, Preferences, And Lifestyle

Like men's wedding rings, engagement rings come in a variety of designs and some may be more suited than others. If it is worn on a regular basis even after the marriage, then it could mean choosing a ring that is of durable make. The dressing pattern also dictates the choice of the engagement ring.

Dressing up in mostly t-shirts and jeans would mean buying a ring that has minimalist ornamentation. Dressing up in a suit every other day would mean an engagement ring that has an ostentatious style replete with intricate designs. But at the end of the day, there is no formulaic approach to looking good – it’s all how it is carried!

An example of a hybrid design engagement ring is the following:

Engagement Ring For Men

Red CZ stones form a beautifully designed portion on a sterling silver sturdy engagement ring that can be worn with pride whether in a t-shirt or a tuxedo.

Common Types OF Engagement Ring Designs

1. Simple Engagement Rings

  • These types of men's engagement rings are generally affordable.
  • Sleek gold or silver are well-suited colors.
  • A titanium band with a brushed finish is another option.

Engagement Ring For Men

2. Modern Engagement Rings

  • Sleek black monolithic appearance.
  • Contemporary colors that could be celebrated colors of sports teams for example.
  • Might come in carbon fiber inlay.

Engagement Ring For Men

3. Classic Engagement Rings

  • Traditionally styled and can also come infused form – combining traditional and modern designs.
  • CZ rings can be studded with CZ gemstones and will have colors such as red, green and blue.
  • Colors, contours, artistry, shape, intricate detailing all tend to look more classically romantic.
  • Ruby, sapphire, cubic zirconia and emerald are good options for gemstones. Not to forget the eternal favorite – the diamond.

4. Fashion Rings 

  • Designs are thematic. It could combine a traditional and modern fusion design.
  • Will include modern geometric designs.
  • Might have words embellished on the band. We will also have designs that portray the current trends.

Engagement Ring For Men

5. Dual-Tone Designer Ring

  • Two-tone engagement rings could have a platinum-tone combined with a silver-tone or a gold and silver two-tone combination.
  • Dual-tone designs have an eye-catching and timeless look. The white and black finish is a classical design.
  • These engagement rings do not categorize as classical or contemporary. They are not in between as well!

Engagement Ring For Men

6. Religious Designs

  • These religious statement rings are also timeless in appeal. They bring religious connotations to an auspicious life-changing event called the engagement.
  • It helps to purchase good designs from a premier online store to ensure quality.

Engagement Ring For Men

7. Solitaire-Type Designs

The solitaire in these solitaire-type designs need not be a diamond always. Even if it is black onyx, it still looks distinct and is fit for a major life-event such as an engagement.

The images shown here are of the sparkling silver rings for men with price discounts that have a brilliant design and finish. The men’s rectangular brick ring is a specialization of the classic look, where the specialization makes it look futuristic.

Engagement Ring For Men

It is a tough task to shop for the perfect solitaire ring. It gets tougher when the buyer has to look at various online stores to select the perfect one. It gets the toughest when the price is exorbitantly high!

So what’s the best solution to get the perfect engagement ring of the highest quality and at affordable rates? Come shop at Voylla, the world’s premier fashion jewelry online store. Choose from thousands of jewelry designs; don’t just buy that perfect engagement ring, buy a treasure trove of jewelry for every joyous occasion henceforth! It’s not a dream nor a myth anymore – it is affordably yours!

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