How To Look Like A Male Model : 7 Steps

Have you wondered how male models look so fit and groomed? It takes a lot of dedication and hard-work to look like that and stay in shape. You can emulate the male model dynamics as well. Look like one with perfect grooming, fitness and fashion. You don’t have to be ultra-fit like the guy on the magazine poster with 8-pack abs. A little bit of sacrifice in your lifestyle and a little investment in fashion is all that is needed. 1. Cut all junk food and exercise 4-5 times a week Look like Male modelGet in shape by avoiding processed food, fatty food and oily food. Consult a nutritionist for advice on the type of diet required for your body type. Avoid eating outside and always rely on home-cooked food. Workout 4-5 times a week at the gym or do body-exercises at home. You don’t need to pound weights at the gym to look lean, mean and ripped. Exercises such as calisthenics and functional training serve you better in this regard. Bulky and extra-muscular bodies are not suited for the perfect male model body look. Cardio-vascular exercises combined with outdoor sports can make exercise more enjoyable. Outdoor activities such as mountain climbing exponentially accelerate the transformation process. 2. Perfect grooming – fashionable clothes and jewelry Look like Male model Wear clothes that are in sync with the times and probably ahead of it. Look distinct yet never bordering on the hyperbolic. Choose jewelry with care, as jewelry is the most important accessory that accentuates the look of the modern man. You can include gold chains, pendants, lockets, bracelets, earrings for men or finger-rings as part of your wardrobe. If you have tuxedoes and suits, then choose jewelry accessories such as cuff-links, collar-links, suit-chains or a good male chain set that goes well with the ensemble. You don’t need to wear designer clothes like male models do; but if you combine a balanced fashion style with good designer jewelry, you made it past the finish line!   3. No bad hair days Model-blog-03As much as jewelry, hair is often spotted on men. A good hairstyle does wonders to the contours of the face and changes a man’s appearance. Avoid chemical products and try natural products that have been approved by a dermatologist. Use shampoo and conditioner that not only cleanses hair but retains its moisture and elasticity. Avoid wearing tight hats that might give rise to a condition called traction alopecia, which is the damage of the cuticle. If you are growing your hair, do a trimming session every six weeks. Attractive hair need not mean volume, it means how well it is groomed and how radiant it looks.   4. Skin care – the scent of a man Model-blog-04A perfect skin is as much a male prerogative as it is for a woman. Male models have flawless skin that is evenly textured. Although that level of grooming might take time, there are some short-term solutions that if done regularly can help you get there. Start with a daily moisturizer that is loaded with antioxidants. Aloe vera based moisturizers work best. Use eye serum to protect your eyes and their surrounding areas. Exfoliate once a week with natural products. Use sunscreen daily and always keep that positive attitude on!   5. Get photo-savvy Model-blog-05 Often looking at oneself in the mirror might not be the best way for self-assessment. Get involved in as many photo sessions as possible. It could be a family occasion, an outing with friends, an official outing, a boardroom meeting, selfies, excursions and what not. Try to assess how you look in all these photos. Compare them with how male models would try to look in these very situations. Do you spot the gap? Could a piece of jewelry have done the trick? Wouldn’t a scarf have made the difference? Could a hair gel have made your hair look stern on a windy mountain-biking day?   6. Finalize on the type of male model you want to look like Model-blog-06If you are finding it hard to look like a male fitness model with a V-shaped physique, you can still look like the commercial model. Most fitness models have an athletic background or are blessed with good genetics. This fact applies to underwear and swimsuit male models as well. A runway or catwalk model is typically a six footer with a lean frame and who could fit into any type of dress. A commercial model or an editorial model may not have such stringent physical requirements. But all of them need to dress well! 7. Positive attitude, energy and enthusiasm Model-blog-07The best accessory or rather an attribute is always the attitude of a man. Looking like a male model with an expression of a dodo does nothing to impress others. So always carry a positive energy and make people realize that you have the ‘can-make-it-happen’ quotient in you. A man without jewelry is not just missing out on fashion and the times, but missing out on opportunities that life presents. To look like a male model or the most fashionable male stallion in town, choose jewelry that makes you stand out of the crowd. Voylla is one such online store where you can purchase affordable high-quality jewelry for men. It’s time to make an impression – today is your day!
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