How Can You Stop Being An Average?

It’s easy to be average – but the good news is that it’s not very hard to become an above average dresser. Fashion is a personal statement about one’s personality, attitude, energy, outlook, perspectives and in general the inner psyche. So when spending so much on personal skin care products why not spend that much on fashion? Because fashion can make and break your destiny – if you dress right, you will get all that you desire! Here are some tips to stop being average on the fashion front. Always add that extra piece to give you another dimension If you look at yourself in the mirror – do you feel something missing? Yes – the third piece is missing! It is that jewelry pendant or locket or bracelet that is conspicuous by its absence. It’s that chic hat that could have completed the look. Or better – a scarf or jacket that can make bridge the gap between boring and brilliant. Form fitting innerwear to give more confidence Sometimes the perfectly shaped body could be several days or months of hard-work ahead. But that shouldn’t deny you from wearing attractive clothes. A slimming trick is to wear a tank top inner wear that fits the form and keeps the baggy sections in check. Choose different necklaces for different necklines Asymmetric necklaces suit off-shoulder necklines. Short pendants for scoop necklines. Long beads for boat necks. Carved beads or long pendants for sweetheart necklines. Slim pendants suit halter-necklines. Choker designed necklaces suit strapless tops. Angular lockets or pendants are good for square necklines. Bow tie for tuxedos In regular civilian life, bow ties may not be necessary for regular official or formal wear. But when wearing tuxedos they are a necessary add-on. Wear them on morning suits or dinner jackets as well. Wearing a bow-tie on a tuxedo is basic tuxedo etiquette – some rules are implicit! So what are the other tuxedo tips?
  • Leave the bottom of the tuxedo undone when wearing a tuxedo with two or three buttons.
  • Double breasted jackets suit taller men.
  • Include cuffs and cufflinks when wearing the shirt.
  • The colour of the trouser should complement the colour of the socks and shoes.
  • Spice up the look with some jewelry. Ensure the design of the jewelry such as a chain or pendant suits the occasion.
Look effortlessly well-dressed This tip is for men in particular where being bothered about being average should not translate into a dressing style that looks extremely orchestrated. Minimal clothes, with essential accessories and topping it up with jewelry such as bracelets, pendants or chains for men are the way to go. Women seldom like men who appear to be narcissistic! What’s the best way to look above-average or rather excellently represented without over-reliance on clothes? The answer is to wear jewelry for men. Gold chains, lockets, silver pendants, bracelets, earrings, finger-rings and more. A little jewelry can do wonders for men. Keep up the variety Variety keeps the motivational levels high when staying fashionable. Men can spice up their business and casual attire with different looks. Today could be a sneakers day, tomorrow a desert boots casual wear day, the day-after is for brogues and scarves. It applies to wearing different types of jewelry as well. More times than not a jeweled man is the most desirable of the lot! So the gist of the story is that variety, form-fitting clothes, necklaces for different necklines, slight tweaks to formal wear and most importantly – jewelry, can make you an extraordinary dresser. Buy affordable jewelry at Voylla – the world’s premier fashion jewelry store to find fusion, oriental, traditional, casual, formal, semi-formal jewelry designs. So when choosing quality, choose Voylla and stop being average!
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