Dare To Be Different, Dare To Be You!


There are men who follow, there are men who lead. The Voylla man leads, leads by example and also leads by fashion. He is the one who walks with a spring in his step, and glint in his eyes. He shines from all sides. His gold pendant portrays an inner sheen that will not tarnish even in adversity. The Voylla man lets the diamond cuffs on his jet-blue overcoat send a signature statement of authority – of an undying passion to raise standards. He is the one who dares to be different, dares to be original, of living a life in waves of enthusiasm, where every hour is a time for celebration, quiet contemplation and stylish flamboyance.

Voylla’s bracelets for men are extraordinarily designed – simple yet elegant, artsy yet contemporary, ethnic yet modern. There are designs galore to capture every moment in someone’s life with jewelry. It is like crowning every moment in life, and making it a moment of worth. There is no dull day in the life of the man who dares to be different. He starts the day with a bang, like wearing a zipped overcoat with a chained cuff-link. His evening is spent in the company of a loved one. He wears a flowing shirt as fluid as the evening breeze, with a nice finger-ring that he fiddles with, increasing his appeal.

He finishes his day with play – the disco lights beckon him – he wears a shimmering black overcoat – to kill the night, like he killed the day. His double-pendant amongst his myriad men’s accessories, hangs loosely as his hair as he sways to the music. All work and all play – it’s all about creating a life that is in control. Start living like this man – start with jewelry – dare to be different – wear jewelry that defines this attitude. Shop for jewelry online at Voylla right away and realize your destiny. Shop for that lucky bracelet online or dogtags or rudraksha pendant – go for glory!

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