Top 5 Bestselling Men’s Pendants – Celebrated Jewelry for Men

The modern era demands a new style quotient for men. Jewelry is one such bare necessity that has grown in importance over the past decade. In the current scheme of fashion-mania, a man without a pendant is like a man without a mustache! On a lighter note, this is probably the best phase for men to buy pendants and purchase truckloads of affordable jewelry. One such distinguished men’s jewelry is the men’s pendant, which glorifies and personifies a man’s presence. So even if the moustache is shaved clean, the manliness is still retained – courtesy the stellar-looking and dashing pendant! Here are some of the top selling men’s pendants. 1. Become the Bold Brand with this gold plated diamond-sparkling pendant Men’s Pendants Bold and brash is passé when it comes to buying online pendants for men in India. The new-age boy with fast cars and joy toys is now also bold and branded. This is a high quality 925 sterling silver stylish men’s pendant embellished with diamond sparkling. Add tons of muscle to the personality and not just to the physique with this pendant. Distinctly crafted with a sheen that sparkles with the vitality of gold and brilliance of diamond, it is for those who like being in the limelight. It’s time not just to steal the thunder, but become the lighting that flashes out and creates a strong impression. A perfect fashion pick with a wide slate and tapering ends dotted with diamond sparkles makes for a unique pendant. Go big and bold, with loads of charisma, and display a vibrant character. Go clean shaven, yet look macho like a man with a bold and furry mustache that displays his vigor. Wear this pendant and notice the difference.   2. Wear the Shiva pendant and become the creator of new frontiers Men’s PendantsThis is amongst the top selling pendants because it brings the auspices of myth, mystery and manliness in the form of a Shiva damaru. Become a mystery, an enigma, a destroyer of bad omens, a creator of new frontiers and a warrior for self-contested fortunes. Become one with the self yet one with the cosmos. Become spiritually enlightened yet worldly wise. Look effortlessly traditionally, yet fashionably modern. There are multiple specialties of this pendant. For one it has more than a dozen cubic zirconia stones. The stones create a calming effect on the self. Fine craftsmanship combined with flawless finish and a sparkling exterior creates a nexus of illumination. Wear it to any occasion and feel very much in-place. Get used to compliments and even a gift request! Show some mercy on ordinary mortals! – because once worn the flawless pendant changes perceptions, opens up the divine corridors and lets the universe fulfill all the wearer’s wishes! 3. Set sail on a voyage of success with this top-selling Ship Wheel Men’s Pendant Men’s PendantsSome journeys happen, but seldom are some journeys made on one’s own will. For the man who charts his own path, every voyage is a voyage of will, grit and courage. Because success does not rely on reputations made on promises, but reputation made on results. This is yet another top selling pendant that signifies the man who is set sail on a voyage to discover undiscovered fortunes on distant lands. It is time to discover fortresses and conquer them with ease. Wearing this Ship Wheel’s Men’s Pendant is a signature statement of an inbuilt penchant for adventure. If symbolism is not the goal, then this pendant fulfills the needs of the fashion-conscious male who likes to capture eyeballs. 4. Wear the crown pendant and get that lost kingdom back! Men’s PendantsDisplay an aura of authority and not an air of attitude. Portray a quiet confidence and not a brash show of power. Become a king everyone wants to look up to. Wear this hot-selling Magical King Inspired Diamond Studded Pendant and reinstate that killer instinct. The crown shaped pendant with a seamless finish and fine curves creates a stellar impression – one that lasts forever. Take a personal charisma along to any nook and corner of the world with this fashion pendant with incredibly crafted detailing. 5. It’s time to touch the stars with the star shaped pendant Men’s Pendants This pendant made to the top 5 list because it is not just symbolic of a celestial body, but a gold plated jewelry that is crafted to perfection. Pendants such as these not only make one look good, but feel good. In times of doubt, simply wear this pendant and draw in that invisible energy to surpass all obstacles. In times of joy, wear this pendant to celebrate with friends and family. Voylla is the only store with affordable and celebrated men’s pendants that are a joy to wear. Voylla’s designs are high on symbolism, fashion, quality, durability and affordability! A unique combination that is hard to miss! So why wait to get fashionable?
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