5 Style Moves To Steal From Rannvijay Singha

Rannvijay is a man of style, substance and great attitude. He possesses an inimitable charm and a gutsy personality – always ready for a roadie duel on the road and off it! More than a roadie with lots of energy and in-born penchant for adventure, he is also a man of softness, elegance and subtlety. It is depicted in his fashion – raw yet refined, subtle yet expressive. For Rannvijay, daring is as easy as breathing, as fluent as him riding his bike, as stylish as his boy-next-door looks. Dare by Voylla is proud to have Rannvijay as the brand ambassador for the Dare collection. Voylla’s Dare collection is a new-age wisdom of creating stunning designs that are high on tradition, high on trend, and high on unconventionality. Importantly – high on life! just like Rannvijay! So here are some five style moves to steal from him. 1. Keep it simple, keep it mysterious Rannvijay Singha StyleWear a light-colored overcoat with army shades over a black t-shirt. Sling a pendant and make it the centerpiece of attention. Don’t betray any emotions, wear a stoic expression, yet look easy and approachable. This type of look is never over the board, yet far ahead from dull – it’s that perfect crux of fashion for the raw, rugged roadie. Pack in a high horsepower with that single pendant that steals the show in the overall fashion ensemble – like Rannvijay who likes to focus and focus hard – it’s all  about that one thing, one goal, focus, destination. Some men say more with little. 2. A lion has a mane, Rannvijay has a beard Rannvijay Singha Style Fierceness is a quality that has several connotations. The growl of a self-made man is seldom heard, but seen through actions. Rannvijay stands up for what is right. He wears his mane on his face – his beard projects a masculine authority – of being the change the world wants to see. He is the face of change, the face of Voylla fashion jewelry – bringing together the best of jewelry at the best of prices. So that everyone wears jewelry, feels celebrated, becomes fashionable and carries a personal style statement. 3. Nobody is perfect, but fashion makes them perfect! Rannvijay Singha Style Rannvijay is a man of contrasts, yet he blends them perfectly. He is unconventionality personified – a fitting mascot for Dare by Voylla – celebrating uniqueness by daring to be different. He can wear a blue overcoat with faded blue denims and still look as dapper. Even a damsel in distress beside him will look like the gleeful pageant participant who ran away with the judge! He blends what seems as imperfections into a perfectly suiting ensemble. When posed with the question of to be or not to be – Rannvijay simply becomes. So you too can become – and stop being a work in progress always. Start wearing Voylla fashionable jewelry and start becoming. Dare to become! 4. A style with so many breezes that it is a whirlwind! Rannvijay Singha StyleWith that unshaved look it seems that he has been perfecting a craft in his study-room for years. Yes – he has perfected the craft of becoming him, his original version of himself, with lots of help from fashion. Seen in this pic is a breezy fashion style, bearded, brawny, with a maple-spotted shirt and a cool-looking Voylla pendant. The Voylla fashionista is similar in appeal – adding tons of earthy appeal with amazing fashionable jewelry. 5. I swear by that pendant!Rannvijay Singha Style Street-smart, tech-savvy, 7-star hotel gourmet dinner consumer, connoisseur of fine brews, unofficial bartender at Friday-friends, pani-puri lover – a complete fun human being. Rannvijay always swears by that pendant. That finely crafted jewelry is his daily carry  - he swears by its impact. Look impactful, built to thrill, and born to chill!
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