What Are The Ways To Wear Men's Rings? Are There Rules?

Wearing men’s rings can be a confusing subject. There is very little implicit information on ring etiquette. So those shopping for online men’s rings are on most occasions in a quandary. There are some traditional rules when it comes to wearing men’s rings. These are not rules set in stone, because wearing rings, however, wherever and whenever is a personal choice.

Left-hand or right-hand?

Men around the world wear an engagement or wedding ring on their left-hand fingers. The right-hand is the act of activity, and the left-hand is perceived to be the “hand of mental activity”. Therefore, the left hand represents the inherent personality and beliefs. Yet again, the left-hand or right-hand being the one signifying physical or mental activity varies across cultures. Choose a ring that makes an instant impression such as this sterling Silver OM Ring For men. Given the Indian-ness to this ring, it looks amongst the prized rings online in India. It’s smooth, solid, and charismatic styling ensures that it blends with any type of dress – from tuxedos, kurtas, sherwanis to casual tees & trousers, or even when riding bare-chested on the beach!
Voylla mens rings Sterling Silver OM Ring For Men From Dare by Voylla

Which finger to wear the ring on?

1. Wearing it on the pinky finger does not connect it to any religious or cultural connotation. The fashion-conscious are on most times seen wearing rings on this finger. 2. The fourth finger, also called the ring finger is the accepted norm for wedding rings. 3. The middle finger is the longest one and wearing it on this finger creates a bold statement. Wearing it on this finger is unusual. 4. The index finger is usually reserved for rings for bachelors, rings that signify association with certain organizations, and fraternal rings. 5. The thumb signifies a man’s wealth, so broad, bulky, and ostentatious rings can be worn on this finger. 6. When confused on which finger to wear the ring on, go for a ring that can look good on any finger. This pure sterling silver ring with black onyx is one such example.
Classy Black Stone Silver Plated Milestone Ring Classy Ring For Men with Silver Plating

How many rings are sufficient?

More than one on any given finger creates a clutter. One or two rings per hand are the norm. But in an outlandish party at a popular fashion zone, anyone can flout all norms and pack their hands with rings! As stated earlier, it’s all about preference.

Types of rings based on function

Rings are symbolic of something that the wearer wants to communicate. They can deliver a specific visual message and this aspect makes them classified into various functional brackets. Therefore, there are various types of men’s rings, and choosing the right one can make the difference.

Cultural and religious connotations:

There are not many major religions that require men to wear religious rings. But sometimes it is an implicit requirement. But when it comes to fashion, a cross-cultural or uniquely-crafted modernistic religious ring can be worn. It’s not about looking sectarian – but celebrating diversity. Just like this gold plated designer ring for men – although steeply symbolic of religion, the wearer is perceived to also be inclusive. Fashionably religious – that’s the phrase!
CZ Embellished Classic 'OM' Ring.. om gold pated mens ring

Zodiac rings:

Displaying one’s zodiac sign in a fashionable way is a new fashion fad that will never go out of vogue. It is also a way to pay obeisance to the ruling planets. An example is this zodiac symbol link that makes a striking impression. The gold-plated material and sturdy design ensure that it not only provides the wearer tons of planetary energy but also for the people surrounding this person!
Taurus Rashi Symbol Designed Ring For Men https://www.voylla.com/mens-jewellery/mens-rings?utm_source=voylla-blog&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=product-image

Family rings:

Rings to signify association with family is common, but what is uncommon is how fashionably it is presented. An example of a simple, classic, and elegant family ring would be this classic men's silver ring with a high gold finish. Set with a single CZ stone, a ring of this stature can be worn in myriad presentations by members of a family. It’s about being unified yet distinguished!
mens finger ring by voylla mens finger ring by voylla
World-over, the fashionable, young, dynamic, globe-trotting, charismatic, wealthy, powerful, brilliant, religious, spiritual, committed, bachelor, to-be-engaged, engaged, or married men choose Voylla rings to display a personal style statement. Not just that, they choose these affordable rings to portray symbolism – which could be anything under the sun. It’s time to buy rings online to show the world a subtle yet meteoric fashion persona with rings on fingers. Power to the hands!
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