Mahadev Collection: Let Shiva’s blessings resonate around you

For millennia, devotees, priests and scholars have been fascinated by the enchanting personality of Shiva. Represented as ‘Shakti’ itself, Shiva is the most powerful god of the Hindu pantheon. The Mahadeva Collection blends the mythical elements of Shiva’s personality and image with fashion. Inspired by the god of destruction, and his unquestioned might this collection will make a fine addition to your accessories and turn quite a few heads every time you wear them.


Rings with typical Shiva-inspired motifs are the definitive must haves for anyone who is intrigued by the god of destruction. With intricate designs and subtle symbolisms, they will not only look good on your fingers but draw people’s complete attention. Whether you are dressing up for a formal occasion or a house party, these rings will fit in perfectly with almost any kind of look that you attempt. Stylish Eye Mahadev Ring  


Looking for a bracelet that is not too loud yet extremely eye-catching? Your search ends here. The bracelets in the Mahadev Collection are simply perfect, and they will definitely keep you connected with the spiritual element. The delicate rudhraksha bracelets will blend in very snugly with both traditional and fusion looks. Golden and Black Mahadev Bracelet  


You want to look cool and hipsterly? We got you covered. Brooches designed and inspired by Shiva’s trident will do the trick. A physical representation of “creation, maintenance and destruction”, the trishul has a complex history and interpretations, you can now carry the entire mythos behind Shiva’s trident on your chest with these amazing offbeat brooches.    


Your new kurta is too simple and bland for you? The pendants in the Mahadeva Collection will bring in a brilliant contrast to your entire look. Experimentation is the key to making a statement, these pendants are seamlessly catalytic and they will complete your entire look. Carry the element of spirituality around your neck with these uber-cool pendants.   Har Har Mahadev Chain Necklace   The Mahadeva collection’s accessories will add a dash of spirituality and mysticism to your entire wardrobe. Make statements where ever you go and be the centre of everyone’s attention with these awesome accessories.
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