5 Colors TV Couples Who Restore Our Faith In Love! <3

With Valentine’s Day being less than a week away we have already gotten into the pool of emotions. There is something about this day that makes us talk about love, couples, modern and old school relationships, future of true love way more than usual. When it comes to love we always look upto couples who have surpassed the hurdles and yet growing strong every day with a lot more affection, love and care.

Over the past few years, Colors TV  has introduced us to such couples who are super adorable and inspiring. We’ve curated a list of our recent favourite onscreen couples. Take a look!

Chakor and Suraj 

2000-x-1500-Blogs-Chakor---SurajWhere there’s love there’s anger! Rightly said for this adorable couple Chakor and Suraj from Udaan who share a love-hate relationship. While there are disagreements and fights, there’s also love and care.

Meghna and Kunal 

2000-x-1500-Blogs-Meghna---KunalThis recently married couple give us major courtship period goals! From sweet secret meetings to beautiful surprises, they’ve done it all. They depict the modern day relationship with a hint of tradition.

Saumya and Harman 

2000-x-1500-Blogs-Saumya---HarmanTo fall in love with normalcy is very easy but to do its opposite is difficult. After Saumya told Harman that she is a transgender, he did not flinch. That’s what true love is, we reckon!

Simar and Prem 

2000-x-1500-Blogs-Simar---PremSimar’s life has been turbulent enough since she got married but none of that could shake the bond she shares with her husband. Whatever came along, they stood strong!

Thapki and Bihaan 

2000-x-1500-Blogs-Thapki---BihaanBeing with each other through thick and thin sums up their relationship perfectly. We’re completely in awe of this couple.

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Which one of the above is your favourite couple? Share with us in the comments below!


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