5 DIY Jewelry Box Ideas You Must Know Today

Looking for a unique box to keep your jewelry in, but don't like the idea of buying an expensive one? Love organizing your jewelry, but don't know how to go about it oh-so creatively? Well, you are at just the right place! Read on to master the DIY art of designing some really cool and amazing jewelry boxes for your precious items.

Tin Jewelry Box

Take a rectangular tin container and turn it into a classic jewelry box. Compartmentalize the box using cardboard pieces. Keep a long section for chains, a tiny one for rings, and one each for your bangles and earrings. Voila! It's that simple! Paint the box, doodle over the surface, put stickers or decorative tape to make it look stylish just like you!


Ring Box

While keeping rings in open damages their sheen and beauty, managing a number of ring boxes is painstaking. Why not make one separate box to store all your rings in one place?

Take an empty box and cover it with a pretty velvety fabric. Use a contrasting fabric and cut out long pieces of the width of the box. Roll them up, tuck & stack them next to each other. Store your rings in between these fabric rolls!


Egg Tray Jewelry Box

Ever thought an egg tray could serve as a jewelry box? Well, you can actually do, and quite effortlessly so! Use the egg tray as it is to store the chains, rings and earrings. To jazz it up, spray the tray with some paint, sprinkle glitters and your jewelry box is ready!



Desk Jewelry Box

Revamp your desk caddy drawer to keep your jewelry safe. Paint the surface with your favorite color, place an old unused jewelry piece as the knob, and there you go! An old drawer recycled and ready to be used again!


Chocolate Jewelry Box

Everyone gets chocolate boxes once in a while. Don't throw yours in the bin after you've treated your taste buds with some chocolate love. Instead, use the pretty box (yes, they are usually quite a marvel to behold) to organize our exquisite jewelry. Use fresh paper cups, line them up in the chocolate box and put chains, rings, earrings, brooches, anklets and toe rings in them. Easy, no?

So, what are you waiting for? Begin hunting for unused boxes in your house, wear your creative hat, and get down to work!

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