What Makes Voylla so unique and beautiful

Jewelry is not just a piece of ornament worn for personal adornment, but an expression of self through art. We, at Voylla understand the powerful language of fashion jewelry and the role it plays in a woman’s life. Every piece of jewelry tells a story at Voylla. Be it for a mother, a doctor, a student or an entrepreneur -  jewelry plays an important role in defining a woman’s identity. It’s a personal style statement that needs no prior approval from anyone. We, at Voylla, strive to be every woman’s personal stylist, helping her Look the Part.

What started as an e-commerce experiment in 2013, has now snowballed into one of the most popular fashion jewelry brands in the country. With a robust online presence and an expansive retail presence of 250 stores, Voylla is just a click away from its patrons.


Voylla Fashion Jewelry - What sets us apart

High quality, 100% skin-friendly, and impeccably crafted jewelry at affordable prices is our USP. It is a feat that remains unmatched in an increasingly competitive fashion segment. What else sets Voylla truly apart from other fashion jewelry blogs is the way it draws inspiration from traditional art, crafts and culture to create modern accessories for the women of substance. We are the only brand with a versatile collection of jewelry, that can be adorned for any occasion. No matter what you do, or don't, there is always a Voylla moment for you.


Voylla Jewelry Collection - Studio Voylla

A collection of 45,000 exclusive handcrafted masterpieces for those who spark latest jewelry trends! Curated by some of the finest designers, fashion connoisseurs, and exceptional craftsmen, Voylla jewelry speaks for itself as one of the most stylish fashion statements a woman can make. Our karigars work with utmost diligence and precision, making every piece an epitome of lyrical aesthetic.

Modern or traditional, colorful or monochrome, chic or boho, Voylla speaks the language of your soul. We’ve got your #WhatWhenWear sorted. So go ahead, begin your love affair with Voylla!

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