7 Fashion Hacks That Will Make Your Life Simpler. Guaranteed!

An ink stain on a crisp white shirt or an oil mark on your newly-bought clothes is enough to turn a bright day to a catastrophic one! And before you start blaming your stars for such goof-ups, we get you a list of tricks and hacks to sail you through the day!
  1. Ink-stain on white shirt-
Got an ink-stain on your white shirt? Well, removing ink stain from fountain or ball pen is not easy…. Until you read this life-saving tip! Just apply some alcohol-based solution or hand-sanitizer on the stain and rub it. Allow the area to dry and wash the garment. P.S.- Vodka also works wonders! 02
  1. Oil on your clothes-
Maybe you got too carried away while indulging in those favourite dal ke pakode (or hot Malai Kofta! *slurp*) and got your clothes oil- stained, well, there is always a way to remove those stains. The first thing we do when our clothes get stained is to wash it. Please AVOID this practice. Just spray some baby talcum powder and leave it for some time. Once the powder absorbs the oil, place a newspaper on it and iron Then wash it with detergent and water. 03  
  1. Remove Sweater Pilling-
If you are an OCD like me, then the first thing you would do to get rid of pilling is to pull the pill by hand. Needless to say, do not do this. Simply, scrub your sweater with a pumice stone or use a sweater comb  to help clean off your sweater. 1  
  1. Fix a loose ring!-
Well before you think of getting your ring resized; fix it by wearing a thread around your finger. Resizing might take some time but this will work when you’re in a hurry! 2  
  1. Tight bracelet?
Did you try on a bracelet that looked big enough but won’t come off afterwards? Don’t panic! And relax, you don’t have to cut your wrist too! ;) Use something slippery, maybe Vaseline or cream to get the bracelet off. 04  
  1. Clean Silver
No matter how much you take care of your silver jewelry or cutlery, it does tarnish sooner or later. You can’t really avoid the moisture in the air and hence, the silver-tarnish. But you can get your jewelry sparkling with just one easy step, i.e. toothpaste. Put some toothpaste on an old toothbrush and scrub it on silver jewelry. P.S.- Avoid using toothpaste on sterling silver or silver-plated jewelry! Untitled-1
  1. Will that pair fit her?
Thinking of gifting a pair of jeans to someone and not quite sure whether it will fit her or not? And of course too scared to ask her waist size? No need to worry, anymore! Wrap the waist of the jeans around her neck! (Yes! This is going to be awkward! :D) If the two ends touch around her neck, the jeans will fit! (Tried & Tested)3 Hope these hacks make your life easier! Help us know more hacks in the comments below! #HappyShopping! 
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