This Heart-Warming Letter Will Touch Your Heart This Mother's Day!

This Mother’s Day, we wanted to publish something like “10 best gifting ideas for mother’s day”. And then we received this heart-warming mail from a customer who had bought something from to surprise her mother. She has beautifully penned her thoughts on what this day signifies to her. We wanted to share this with all of you.  May we all bring more joy to our mothers- through our actions and then, of course, there is always! :)

Mother’s day.

Observed the Second Sunday in may.

I drive past a gift and card shop, sprawled across its façade is a banner reminding us that Mother’s day is around the corner. A few days later Facebook starts reminding me constantly that it's Mother’s day on 8th may.  And suddenly it's everywhere. Social media, online marketplaces even office meetings.

Mother’s Day.  A mere day for someone who is there for you tirelessly EVERY SINGLE DAY of your life! I don’t like the concept of this day. Mothers are truly the most selfless and special people in our lives, they need to be celebrated every day. By all means make it extra special for her on the second Sunday in may, her birthday, etc. but cherish her and make her feel appreciated every day.

This Mother’s day, I decided to gift my mom something. There were a few obvious gifting options:

A nice sari

Perhaps jewelry?!

A branded bag

Ummm…some kitchen appliance

 And then I decided to not do the obvious but to do something that should be obvious. I promised to do little things regularly in our day to day life to let her know that she meant the world to me and to thank her for making me who I am today.

Take her out for coffee and chit chat sessions where we could gossip our hearts out.

Cook dinner sometimes and let her enjoy a meal not cooked by her.

Help her out in getting the hang of her new smartphone and all the fun she can have with various apps.

Surprise her with movie tickets and her favourite caramel popcorn.

Coax my dad into planning some weekend getaways.

Buy her books by her favourite authors.

Encourage her to pursue her hobbies like she used to support mine.

Take her shopping during the mad sales, ‘coz you know that’s when she enjoys buying the most.

And lastly, it never hurt to go out and buy something materialistic and fabulous on those special days! So while I was totally convinced that I needed to make my mother feel super loved every day, Mother’s day had to be a little extra special.

I went back to my list of obvious gifting solutions and decided to gift her some exquisite jewelry from  Ordered some great stuff. Packed it in pretty handmade paper. Put a bow on top. Bought her lilies and a huge card.2000-×-1500-mothers-day

And will now surprise her! Hopefully, my card and the gift will make her day and her joy and glistening eyes will make my day!


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