A Collection Inspired from Royal Wodeyars

Mysore. The city of Palaces. Of magnificent art, architecture, and Jewelry. Of vivid colors and regal gold. Of the opulent and incredibly well maintained Mysore Palace, the seat of the Wodeyar Dynasty. And at the heart of our unique collection. Marvelous Mysore is a stunning line featuring a host of statement rings, earrings, and bangles that take the craft of enameling & embellishing and marry it to finely carved Jewelry that is designed to put you in the spotlight.

The Mysore Crowning Glory Earrings - a perfect piece of craftsmanship that is surprisingly versatile when you match it with your fusion skirt or Kanjeevaram Saree- is one such story that is waiting to be discovered in the regal, opulent collection.

The Royal Statement Necklace is another beauty that will melt your heart and win you loads of compliments. Inspired by the impeccably dressed royals of the Wodeyar dynasty, the colorful piece is what you should wear when you wish to make a statement with a single stroke.

Team it with the Royal Insignia Statement Ring and you have a winning look all the way.

Marvelous Mysore is all about celebrating a legacy and a tradition. And yet, our artisans have added a contemporary touch to each piece - in form, color, pattern - to make it versatile. And that is the secret to the charm of this collection.

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