Firdaus- A Paradise Regained

Gar firdaus, ruhe zamin ast, hamin asto, hamin asto, hamin ast...

That time of the year when the silken trail of the Jhelum turns frosty to the touch. 

The red, orange and brown Chinar leaves turn brittle and fall, laying the bare the branches that wait for a blanket of snow.  The lotus turns a late bloomer, but is a luscious shade of pink.

Welcome winter with Firdaus, our collection of rich, hand painted and bejewelled jewelry from Studio Voylla. Think of vibrant shades of enamelling, the shine of premium brass, with intricate floral motifs inspired by Kashmiri embroidery, colourful stones and pearls set against a kohl-black backdrop... think of Firdaus.

Nothing says “romance” like the sight of beautiful Shikaras floating on a pure and pristine lake. The Firdaus Love in a Shikara necklace, which has been crafted into a stunning, absolutely flawless, traditional design can be worn with just about anything. The detailing and the pearls and gems add to the charm of this gold plated beauty.

Embellished with colourful gems and hand painted to perfection, this little fish will bring out the mermaid in you. The Firdaus Power of the Fish ring is an eye-catching piece, which promises to be a comfortable wear at all times.

Firdaus is a romance with nature in its most stunning form. Go ahead, indulge!

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