A Very French Affair!

From the chic streets of Paris, comes Grand Palais. A collection of breezy, elegant jewelry, perfect for the Modern-Day Princess. Think of pretty bows and pearls, flouncy, girly summer dresses and street cafes where you can bite into the most delectable desserts and petite savouries, sip some wine and watch the world go by from behind your glamorous shades.

Or perhaps try an evening look in this delectable necklace that will set hearts aflutter, recalling the Belle Epoch of the country that is all about love, luxury, elegance, and beauty.

Team your Grand Palais necklaces with the petite perfections – the drop earrings that are oh-so-lovely that no one can turn their gaze away from you.

A dab of French perfume on your wrists, behind the ears, a pair of pretty heels, with Grand Palais you are all set to be the belle of the ball!

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