Dare To Think Beyond Red On Valentine’s Day?

There is a curious association of the colour red with Valentine’s Day. Red roses, red trinkets, rubies, corals, and red wine with red strawberries dipped in dark chocolate. True, red is the colour of passion and everything about love – desire, lust, sexuality, romance, happiness. But what if you want to stand apart from the herd and explore colours that match the exact shade of your love? Here are three options for you. Orange Perhaps the most underrated of colours in the world around us, orange is vibrant, warm with all the energy of red and cheeriness of yellow. It is a massive upper – remember how a shot of orange helps to perk you up when you are down and out? It is visually stimulating, uplifting. How many times have you not gravitated towards that orange pen in a pen stand or a fruit at the vendor? It signifies spontaneity, a lust for life, encourages communication and confidence. With so much going for it, would you not want to explore a gift in a bright shade of orange, or add a splash of orange in your outfit to send out the right message?  orangePurple The colour of luxury, extravagance is for you if your Valentine loves all the good things in life. Think orchids, think luxurious silks, think amethyst and silver. Purple has long been associated with nobility. It signifies richness and power. And if you are promising a life of luxury to your Princess Charming, say it with purple flowers and some essence of Lavender, which is purple too. If you are gifting your guy, think of rich purple scarves and cufflinks. Purple is also a sign of self-respect and dignity. And if your love is mature and your relationship steady, purple could well be your colour of choice. purple Gold Can you ever go wrong with gold? They say when you are in love; you look at the world in rose-tined glasses. But what if your world sparkled as well? Optimistic, passionate, robust, bold and powerful, you can rest assured gold makes all the right noises about your love that shines brighter than a thousand suns. Gold has always been an auspicious colour. And if you are embarking on a serious relationship, or have struck gold with your partner already, this is your chance to say it with the most coveted metal in the world.
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What do you think is the color of love? Please leave in your comments below! Valentine's day special gift for boyfriend means a lot because after his mom his girlfriend is the only one who takes care of him. Happy Valentine's Day!   
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