Five Ways To Wear A Solitaire

You want a chunk of diamond; you don’t want a chunk of diamond. It’s for ever, but do you worry it will look too mainstream, or stuffy. Don’t. Grab it in whatever form it comes — pendant, earrings, ring—but wear it any time you want. Here are five ways to wear it differently each time.


  1. The minimalist maangtikka

Traditional Indian jewelry is big right now and you never want to overshadow the bride. Especially if she’s your sister or best friend (what goes around, comes around, you see). Wear your solitaire pendant in the parting of your hair, with the chain going down to your ears (attach a black thread to anchor it to your parting); or let it run through your parting. It’s a simple, effective move that will set you apart in a sea of pearls and kundan.

  1. Layer it:

Don’t be afraid to mix a solitaire pendant or a ring with some costume jewellery to make it pop. Layer necklaces with tassels, neon enamel, beads and throw in the solitaire pendant on a longer chain — say till below your chest. Now look in the mirror and watch the magic happen.

  1. Hang the ring:

Wear the ring on the finger when you meet him; but if you are wearing an edgy outfit, tightly wind a colored leather cord around the ring a few times and wear it around your neck. You can even fasten it to the lapel of a blazer or denim jacket by making the cord shorter and pinning it securely with a few safety pines. Here’s one way to show you are a cool, irreverent couple.

       4: Charm the bracelet:

          Request your jeweller to fast a solitaire pendant on a french lock. This away you can dangle it like a charm to any piece of jewelry you wear — on a charm bracelet, of course, but also on slim anklets, a wrist watch, a leather bracelet, or any other necklace you might want to wear it with.

      5: Lose one earring:

       If you have a hole on the top of your ears, you can wear solitaire earrings like a crown over there. You can also wear just one in one ear and wear a pearl, a long thin chain, a darker stone or a stud in a contrasting shape in the other ear to protect your reputation as a totally edgy chick.

Stay Tuned for more ideas! #HappyShopping! 

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