Game of Thrones inspired IMMORTAL COLLECTION for men! ?

Well, it's decided, if you watch Game of Thrones you're cool and happening BUT if you don't, God save you from those judgemental creatures! ? From every meme on the internet to friends' conversation is just about GoT episodes, spoilers and what not. But hey, if you're among that 10% who doesn't watch this show it's ok, you're cool too ! In fact, we've broken the partiality and have these super cool fashion jewelry collection for all you men regardless of your choice in series. Don't fit in but be a part of this fiery conversation by wearing our super cool Immortal Collection for men which you might say is slightly inspired from The Game of Thrones! 1.The Loyal Knight Put your macho look on point with this sword engraved pendant. Show off your brave, courageous, honorable traits like a knight with this jewelry piece. This will make you look brave, rough and subtle. 13 (1) 2.Swordsman Protect your body and soul with swords and fight for your honor! Just kidding. This jewelry piece will add up to your casual look and make you uber cool. 15 3.Lord of Fire ? If you're a Game of Thrones fan, you'll appreciate Davos Seaworth (Knight to King Stannis) honesty and loyalty towards his king. Embrace your trait like him by adorning this fire bound sword pendant. 14 4.The Shield Wear this with your casual outfit at college and shield yourself from the boring lectures. HeHe. This shield shaped pendant is in trend and will take away your denial from jewelry love and let your khaleesi know you're there to protect her. ? 16 (1)   Got some inspiration? Then buy our Immortal Collection here.  #HappyShopping  
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