How To Get Summer Ready

The sun’s working overtime, but your fashion doesn’t have to. Summer is a stimulus to refresh your style and we’ve got some very easy ways to do it.

  1. Switch the metal

Sweat and deodorants or perfumes tarnish metal and plated jewellery. Use this excuse to switch to jewellery made of other material — wood, thread, plastic, bone or fabric. Necklaces made of semi-precious beads with large tassels are very on point right now and summer is the best time to switch to them. Remember, some beads like rose quartz, have a cooling effect on skin.

  1. Go small

Long earrings, or chandeliers can make you feel very hot and bothered as the day wears on. Try replacing your lengthy staples with small studs, tiny hoops and ear cuffs. Go for different shapes, stones, spikes or wear them mismatched. If you have multiple ear piercings, go all the way to ensure none is a pair!

  1. Cut the hair

If you’ve always wanted to go shorter, summer is the time to experiment; because if you don’t feel like you, you will still have six months for your hair to grow back in time for festive and wedding season. Try layers if you are faint-hearted, but if you really want to feel the wind in your scalp, buzz a section. For best of both worlds, get a buzz at the nape of your neck which will be revealed only when you tie your hair up; the rest of the day, you can be a Plain Jane.

  1. Ditch all products

Rising temperature calls for a shedding of everything that’s excessive — your shower gels get lighter and citrusy. Switch perfume for body spray. Say good bye to base, BB cream or foundation and settle just for a light moisturiser. Instead of heavy lips, dust on some bronzer. Forgo the eye-make up and make do with only some mascara. A little holiday from make up will only make your heart fonder for it when wedding season comes around. Hair washes are going to be more regular, which means bye-bye to hair products, heat protection creams and leave-in conditioners that will just weight your hair down.

  1. Let it go to your head

Focus all accessories on the head region to protect yourself from the sun — scarves, straw hats, stoles tied as turbans will keep your hair cool. Bejewelled hairbands, barrettes, braids and bangs will pull the hair away from your face and forehead.

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