We Got Reviewed! (And it's Perfect!)

Voylla! Our first mobile app Match the Dress is in the spotlight! Recently, That Elegant Chic featured us on their blog.


Here's what That Elegant Chic said about us: "While there are multiple apparel shopping websites, I found that there are hardly any good websites for jewelery shopping. Voylla comes with an intention of filling that gap."


Match The Dress App


"To begin with, I loved the look and feel of the app. The pictures are clear, navigation through the app is smooth and I wished there was a price filter to this feature as well. It also has an impressive collection for jewelery such as cufflinks and bracelets in Men's section."



Voylla Review : by That Elegant Chic


Cherry on the cake! Do you hear? We're more than gratified. Now with Voylla! you can finally give up the concept of "shop till you drop". It's simple. Just upload the dress and find the jewellery to match it.


The Elegant Chic : Review


Thank you That Elegant Chic for spreading the love! Check our their review about us !

While our mobile app has been stealing the limelight, our exquisite online collection continues to fascinate millions!

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