Happy Children’s Day

Happiness greetings from Voylla! While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about —Angela Schwindt

Every new day as the Sun greets its angels with the moonshine, a Sparrow and the Dove start singing little words of love. This song rhymes the little deeds of kindness. This song sings sweet happiness. This song is the ultimate harmonious.

Everything seems to be very little until we found what is really big. You must have wondered - why a man was put on earth! What is our purpose on this planet and why are we here?

We have come on this planet as little tiny tots and how large we become; we never get to know. Even if you are 70 years old, it seems to be a very short time. We perceive our land as a beautiful park and we raise our heads up looking for new heaven that is beyond our imagination.

But, if we try to look from a child’s eyes, we will see non-imaginative, realistic heaven singing the song of love. The green leaves, the sunny warm weather, the blue sky, and the shinning smiles join hands together singing and loving the answers to a child’s question.

These are the little moments where time has no timelessness. These little small moments are our life. In the end, whatever we are becoming, we always live in these joyous moments. Voylla cherishes these moments in our lives and truly understands the love of a child which will always live inside us. On this children’s day, Voylla family wishes every large, big, small, tiny tot – a very happy children’s day!

On this little angel’s day, we promise to carry on bringing in the joys in your life with lots of love. Smile! Play! Enjoy!
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