Voylla.com Overtakes The List Of India's Most Valuable Brands


Voylla.com has set the address bar of internet browsers incredibly high over the past recent years. It is now expected to have a big list of fans praising about the growth of transformational jewellery products during recent sales. It is also observed that the company has largely upgraded its existing line of products by releasing new jewellery items this festive season as a revolutionary development in the business as compared to its last huge sale in the year 2013.

Looking upon a recent note published by The Financial Express headlining what’s hot on Junglee.com, the top online shopping website in India which promotes its sales by contrasting products of various brands has tagged Voylla among the top trending brands in the catalogue of traditional jewellery items. It has quoted Designer Mangalsutra as a most searched jewellery item due to the approaching festive and wedding season and also the occasion of Karva Chauth which created the stroking demand for this special traditional jewellery item among Indian women.

Junglee.com survey of the top-hot brands illustrates that the Voylla brand name is getting strong and at the same time becoming the most valuable jewellery brand in India with phenomenal growth, with total sales 400% up over last year. Also, the total stock-keeping units of this fashionable jewellery online company are getting updated every new day with latest designs & patterns which is completely impossible to find anywhere else.

In the end, it is clearly known that the heart of a great brand is a great product and how freshly it deals with it. Brand Voylla, it will continue to capture customer imaginations and the wallets by delivering a range of quality products with a presence across India as well as dispatching traditional jewellery items to International customers.

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