Holy Jewellery Mangalsutra- History and Significance

Mangalsutra is one of the most imperative jewelry for a Hindu bride. It outlines a pure bond of rich Indian culture and traditional values that are passed over generations. Indian women consider it as a holy ornament which holds several emotional values. It is characterized with black beads which are laced into gold that indicates the pure meaning of a marriage. It is typically the homogenous sign of wedding delight for every Indian woman.   Mangalsutra importance and significance.   “Mangal” simply means auspicious and “sutra” stands for a yarn or thread. Thus we can call it as a promising thread which ties two lives. It is often considered as a blessed thread with black beads which is tied during the marriage ceremony by the groom. Mangalsutra shows the intimate union between a husband and wife. Significance and Making: The traditional story of Mangalsutra making is quite interesting. The bride’s and groom’s family give a part of gold to the goldsmith to make a golden pendant. It is the groom’s family that selects the design for the pendant. Seven threads are taken from the wedding saree of the bride and it is interwoven to make the holy thread which is colored using turmeric. The black beads of Mangalsutra denote the safety of groom’s life from evil forces. The groom ties the holly jewelry around the bride’s neck. It involves three knots out of which the groom ties the first one and the rest two knots by his sisters. These knots denote the obedience of bride to groom, his sisters and the last knot implies compliance towards god.
Brass Gold Plated Mangalsutra CZ Gold Marquise Pattern Mangalsutra Traditional Stud Earrings and Mangalsutra Black Beaded Single Chain Mangalsutra Set Studded With Kundan
Mangalsutra is the perfect jewelry that implies the pure bond of love and respect towards husband. Today, we can find this jewelry in different designs and styles. Most of the Indian women are fond of traditional jewelry and this one is quite an added layer of purity for every woman. Now you can easily find refined Mangalsutra designs that go hand in hand with any type of modern dresses. Mangalsutra can be found in several amazing designs. Blending the true value of this ornament with rich aestheticism, gives a unique composition that is adorned by everyone. There are different forms of this jewelry including Pottu thaali, Lakshmi thaali, Kumbha thaali, Ela thaali etc. According to specific geographic regions, the design also changes. For example, brides from Maharashtra use one or two vatis on the pendant while some others prefer diamond pendant. You can easily find trendy and value-rich Mangalsutra online. Finding the best one that comes up with striking quality is often a challenge. Voylla offers the best Mangalsutra collection with unique designs and appealing styles. Here are some of tempting designs that attract every bride!  

Trandy but traditional magalsutra design

Designer Mangalsutras
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