Thewa Jewelry

Thewa jewelry evolved in India from the state of Rajasthan. Its origination dates back to the period of Moghuls. This jewelry art making is special and consists of embossing a gold sheet on molten glass. However, before the sheet of gold finds its place on the surface of the glass, it is carved into beautiful designs by an artisan.  

  The process involved in Thewa jewelry is a traditional form of manufacturing gold plated glasses of different colors. After infusing the surface of the glass with the sheet of gold, it underwent a special process after which the surface glittering displays the intricate gold work. The entire process of creating a fine artefact is hand crafted. The time taken to complete a single artefact depends on the design, the size and the complexity involved in handling the sheet of gold. Usually, skilled artisans work for a period of one month in creating beautiful designs on the sheets of gold and then infuse the same on a glass. Most of the designs display the culture, tales of romance, heritage and pulsating life of people in Rajasthan. The entire process of bringing out fine artefact is time consuming. It requires skill and creativity to bring out new designs on different shapes of glasses. Initial step involves use of terracotta, chemicals and oil to make a thick paste. This paste is then spread on a wooden base that contains the sheet of gold. The sheet measures 40 gauge in thickness. Black paint is spread on the sheet to highlight the design. Artisan than removes excel presence of gold by carving out new designs. These designs are mostly based on Hindu mythology or court scenes from the Moghul Empire.  The glass works are unique and pass on from one generation to another within the same family. Buy Here: Voylla

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