Royal Mughal Jewellery

Mughals the word itself gives a fine impact of royalty and legacy! The Mughal era contributed a lot to the rich and exotic culture of India. The Mughal cuisine, clothing, art work, jewellery architecture and much more things got famous and grabbed attention. Talking about Mughal jewellery, the first image that flashes in my mind is the exotic and decked jewellery that Aishwarya Rai flaunted in Jodha Akbar, the stunning beauty flawlessly carried that gorgeous necklace and like a fashion fire the jewellery is still phenomenally hit! 43595697b77282d385a3a1df8037ae6b The vibrant and unique Mughal jewellery is crafted in vivacious color combinations with different styles, patterns, gemstones and of different materials became a trend, and a huge favorite in wedding and traditional events. The patterns, motifs and designs are traditional and are inspired, from the artwork of the Mughal era. Mughal jewellery gained popularity and fame among the people and soon this jewellery was accolade into bridal wear and wedding wears. swatch-image20140105-25297-dznibw                                                                            swatch-image20140613-1515-15rdzuu Mughal jewellery acquired its eminence in the field of jewellery making, heavy stone work and enamel work was the two main features which made it different from the Indian jewellery. Its base is mainly made up of gold. Gold-plated silver and other metallic bases were the different alternatives. Several large precious, semi-precious gemstones and pearls were used. Birds, flowers and paisley were the most common designs which were used in Mughal era. This jewellery which was made of these designs and gemstones was of very high quality and the craftsmanship which was done on it, was appreciable and commendable. A well verse and fine imitation off the patterns and we unveil the exotic Mughal jewellery Collection. Voylla brings to its amazing followers, the exotic, royal and mystical Mughal jewellery. swatch-image20140603-11098-1zi885                                                                                  swatch-image20140618-21423-zv5x3v Decked with glistening stones and with flawless intricate designs and patterns over the jewellery, this collection cannot be missed! provides you with such kind of Mughal jewellery. The jewelries made are with Mughal influence as well as with a modern touch to it which gives it a scintillating and traditional look to the jewellery, which are easy to buy and we provide it to you at the best price. You can flaunt with the jewellery in any of the special occasion or it’s the best gift you can give it to your mother, daughter, and sister.  Once you have these jewelries you will be satisfied with our products and you will feel worth buying it. Our experienced artisans took care of the polishing, the design etc. of the products. For this type of traditional and modern jewellery this is the best place to buy online. Voylla is the place where you can have a variety of jewellery and at minimal price also.  
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