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If you're looking for ways to make a statement out of your Office Appearance, this blog is for you, let's show you then how you can make 9 to 5 your Happy Hours! Pulling off Office Look is something tricky. Everyone is always wondering how to ace that office look that will hold up to the heat and dust and humidity. But before you break out in a sweat, here’s our handy guide on slaying that 9 to 5 look. We help you not just to look your best but do your best at work too. With our handy tips, you can slay your office look 365 days a year!

1. Get The Best Sunscreen:

We cannot stress enough about the importance of getting the most effective sunscreen. Twenty minutes before you step out into the sun, apply sunscreen liberally on all your exposed body parts. Choose something that will keep your skin moisturized without making it look oily. A good sunscreen can also be an effective base for your daywear makeup. If you think you can avoid sunscreen on a cloudy day, think again. On such days the sunlight is far more potent than normal days.

2. Go Easy With Lip Colours:

When choosing your lip colors, avoid neon or dark shades as they are best suited for the after-work life. Choose cheerful shades that do not overwhelm but complement your office attire. Subtle pinks, oranges, nudes and even a delicate shade of burgundy and wine should do the trick. Avoid browns or other darker shades that may make you look older and tired quickly.  

3. Get Sparkling Eyes:

Before anything else, make sure your eyes are in good shape. Splash enough cold water before stepping out. Use cucumber slices or rose water to keep away tired lines. While applying eye makeup for your day at work, keep the look classic and conventional. Feline and futuristic eyeliners and shimmer and colorful highlights are perfect for a sundowner with friends or a dinner party. The idea is to highlight without making them seem too dramatic. Also, invest in smudge-proof eyeliners that last longer.

4. Style Your Hair Neat:

There can be no bad hair day at work. Period. Keep your hair down, invest in a weekly blow dry to set it, or style it with a leave-in in conditioner to manage those wild locks. Those with frizzy hair should consider a neat ponytail, a stylish bun or even a braid. Accessorize it smartly. Think beyond boring scrunchies and bobby pins, to give your functional hairstyle a little character and an element of interest.  

5. Choose Seasonal Fabrics:

Given the Indian weather, you need to think carefully not just about what to wear but also the fabric. Summer is best suited for cotton and linens though linens can also make you look shabby in extreme humidity. Avoid synthetic fabric at all costs. Khadi, mul, cotton, organza even cotton chanderi should be your best buddies during one half of the year. Winters and cooler temperatures call for your silks and silk blends. Now you can choose prints to go with the season as well. Florals for spring summer and Mughal inspired motifs for the cooler days. Kalamkari and Block Prints work well through the year while Phulkari and other embroidery are better when the mercury is lower.

6. Shoes That Matter:

First impressions are always the last impressions. And shoes are often the first thing you notice when you meet someone. If you are in a job that needs you to be on your toes, you can dump those high, pointed heels right away. Opt for trendy sneakers or flats, or pumps and slip on with medium heels. Wedges are often kinder on your feet, as are cushioned soles and block heels. If you are wearing slippers or open toed pumps, make sure your nails are not chipped or look unhealthy. A splash of colors on your toe or a summery pedicure will make for a solid impression. If you are planning to go for a board room meeting that requires power dressing, you may want to carry or keep aside a pair of formal heels for a quick makeover.  No matter what, avoid flip flops, thongs or floaters at work. Unless you are wading through knee-high water during the rainy season. Then too, investing in a pair of cheerful Wellingtons may be a better idea.

7. Hands and Toes:

Pay attention to your fingers. Because many people will be watching them when you take notes, type, shake hands, offer a document or even a piece of chocolate. If you do not like to apply nail colors, make sure you have perfectly trimmed, clean nails. Go for a French manicure or use just a base coat for a shiny look.

8. Wear Good Perfume:

Believe it or not, the perfume you wear affects your day and how people perceive and treat you. A good perfume is like a boost start to your perception abilities, it also helps your confidence to a greater good. So the next time you're getting ready for your office, remember to wear a good fragrance and become the new boss.

9. Carry Your Smile:

The best accessory you can wear at work - is your smile. The best of makeup, hairstyle or finest clothes and accessories will not make any difference to your demeanor unless you top it all up with your smile. Carry yourself with confidence, and know that you are the best thing to have happened to yourself!

10. Jewel It Up:

Accessorizing your look for the right kind of jewellery is very important. There are a hundred different options to choose from to complement your western or Indian OOTD. Dramatic, bold, oversized earrings may not be a great idea at work, but you can still make a statement with oxidised jewellery, silver, or gold studs, mini jhumki and other trendy pieces. Elegantly layered long necklaces with charms work beautifully with long kurtas and tunics. It makes you look taller even. When accessorizing crisp shirts with buttons, go for a slim chain and studded and dainty pendants. The occasional ring - stacked or a statement piece. If you like big, bold rugged wristwatches, it makes for a great accessory. If not, you can go for beaded bracelets, charmed, chains - there are loads of options to choose from. Here are some amazing Office Accessories that will help you own your formal look:

Happy Styling!

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