Voylla Jewelry Trends For The Aquarian Woman

HoroscopeAiry yet powerful, the Aquarian woman is unstoppable. A tempest filled with profound inner force, the Aquarian woman is like a beautiful storm in a teacup. Now, while that may sound like an oxymoron, Aquarian women are the perfect yin and yang of intensity and lightheartedness.

If you’re a zesty, intelligent and dreamy Aquarian woman who has the heart of a hurricane, then Voylla jewelry has the perfect pieces to help you channel your energy for life!

Sterling Silver Earrings

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Very unique and stylish, the color purple gives a classy touch to these earrings from Voylla, which are surrounded by CZ embellishments in a stunning sterling silver base. The ambitious streak in you will love flaunting these for sure.

Stone Studded Jhumki Earrings

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Your personality has so many amazing layers, and if there is one type of earring that really does justice to that, it is these Luscious Opal stone studded Gold Plated Jhumkis. Real show stoppers, aren’t they?

Peora Silver Blue Oval Ring

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Others may have Monday blues, but you know how to rock them the right way, don’t you? This classic and chic looking ring from Voylla will definitely grab eyeballs everywhere you go!

Multicolored Beaded Bracelet

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You’re a real go-getter, and we know it! Get ready to add a colorful touch to your day-to-day ensembles and conquer the world with this fashionable piece of jewelry from Voylla’s stunning range.

Attractive Brass Necklace Set 

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Several jewelry blogs online talk about all sorts of gems and stones that are perfect for Aquarian ladies, but at Voylla, we understand that your style quotient matters just as much. This is why we have combined the most stunning green stone in this chic brass tone necklace, which will look amazing with any and every attire.

As far as your horoscope for today goes, it’s a great day for your zodiac sign to shop for some Voylla fashion jewelry! Let the air around you glimmer with our gorgeous pieces, and rock your look each day with Voylla!

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