Warli Paintings - Their History and Expression on Fabrics

Warli painting is one of the oldest art form in Maharashtra and Gujrat. It uses very basic geographic shapes to weave stories about the idyllic existence of tribal people of Maharashtra and Gujrat.  The technique used to create this art is also as simple as the art itself. A bamboo stick is used as paint brush, a painted red-ochre background acts as a canvass. Only white color, consisting of rice paste with gum is used for painting.




Everything about Warli is earthy and soothing. It takes you back to the painting’s provenance where you could almost smell the wet soil, feel the touch of the calloused hand that painted the background and admire meticulous brush stroke of the rural artist who created the master piece. Warli paintings succeed in adding elegance to a rural hut or a five star hotel lobby with the same charm.

No wonder, designers were so enthralled by this art form, that they decided to create an entire line of dresses based on Warli paintings. Designers have used very traditional patterns, rich and folksy colours to recreate the magic of Warli  paintings in her dresses. Pair these with white leggings  traditional jwellery and Mojris and Voila! Or chuck the leggings , bring in your black heel and take this dress for a party!


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