Which color rose to give this Rose Day?

Hello, folks! 

Rose Day is here and the occasion calls for some reverence. Choose the color of the rose that perfectly goes with your message, be it love, friendship or peace.

Forever and for Always! (Red Rose)

red rose

Red is the universal color of love. The greatest of writers and poets have compared their love to a red rose. Red is the color of passion, the color of love and the color of purity. If you are still love-struck with your partner the way you were when you first saw him/her and see your future with only him/her, then a red rose would complement your message perfectly! While a single rose could be used to propose, a bunch of roses could be given to appreciate her beauty. Say ‘I love you’ with a red rose!

P.S.- Don't freak your partner out by giving a red rose on your first date! 

Truly, Madly, Deeply! (Pink Rose)

pink rose

Have a crush on someone? Are you in the dating stage of a relationship? Give your special someone a pink colored rose! Pink is a symbol of care and trust. A pink rose is a great way of saying ‘I like you!’  You can brighten up your ‘always-there-for-any help’ neighbor’s day by giving them a pink rose.  Or show gratitude towards your best friend with a pink rose! There is no better way of than a pretty pink rose to express your feelings.

Thinking of You! (White Rose)

White is usually a symbol of peace, new beginnings or remembrance. If you recently got engaged with someone or are looking for some peace in a relationship, say it with a white rose!  You can also gift white roses to your spouse for all the peace you need in your marriage! :P (Don’t forget to back them up with a red rose! )

As our lives change from whatever, we will still be friends forever! (Yellow Rose)

yellow rose

With its warm and cheerful energy, yellow roses are associated with friendship, joy and good health. Is your colleague unwell? Want to show gratitude towards your sibling for being always there for you? Cheer them up with a yellow rose! These invigorating blooms are a perfect way of saying ‘Thanks for being there!’. Unlike other colors, a yellow rose has no romantic context.

P.S.- You can friend-zone people and make your feelings distinctly clear! 

All of me (Orange Rose)

Orange Rose

Lively and vivacious, orange is a classic symbol of enthusiasm and desire. It is basically a blend of red and yellow roses and has a significance of everything in between. Whether you want to ask someone out or are best-friends-turned-couple, orange bouquet will do justice to your feelings.  

Let Her Go! (Black Rose)


Black rose? Never heard of it?  Well, black roses do exist! The unnatural color holds a lot of mystical power. It is a token of farewell or sometimes, even death. Black roses generally have a negative connotation but they also signify courage and strength. They are not available at most of the florists and thus, are extremely difficult to be bought. Well, if you already had a breakup, why would you even bother so much?  

By the way, if you are overflowing with emotions, you can woo your partner with a single colored rose every two hours or a vibrant bunch of colorful roses at once! 

colored bunch roses

You can also gift beautiful floral jewelry because roses may wilt but beautiful jewelry stays forever! 

Happy Rose Day!  

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