#InternationalYogaDay: You’ll be tempted to do Yoga from now on!

The heat is on and so is the laziness. Obviously, the thought of getting up in the morning and running like a maniac for a mile isn’t a thing which would give you kicks. There might be some way out of this, right? To shed off some kilos and still avoid the wrath of the sun? We’ve got one. How about just sitting on a mat like a sage and drastically lose all those love handles you’ve grown? You got it right. We’re talking about yoga. It’s a wonderful way to lose the weight without actually breaking a sweat. Still not convinced? This International Yoga Day, after reading this we bet you will be!

1. As flexible as an octopus:


Yeah, that’s true. Nothing can be better than yoga when it comes to flexibility. With practice it will not be impossible to do positions, you can just rock that 180 degrees split in a matter of few days or even put gymnasts to shame. (Kidding!)

2. Stronger than Iron Man:


Okay, I’m not bluffing but where Jogging and other exercises strengthen your muscles, yoga strengthens your core. Not only it makes you calm and composed but also increases your endurance and tolerance.

3. Ditch the sun:


Now this is one fine reason to start doing yoga. You don’t need to ask the sun to keep calm because it’s your workout time but you can just take a chill pill and place a mat at any corner of your house and start with your positions while the sun just boils up everyone.

4. Vivid Variety:


It happens that one might get bored after a few days with jogging but yoga has hidden surprise elements for you every day. Go for breathing control asanas or for the ones to push in your tire tummy, it serves a plethora of options every day. Done with vajra asana? Great, come back tomorrow and do kapalbhaati. And even you can’t get enough, yoga has its family tree extended real long, including hot yoga, power yoga as its close relatives! Now that’s something to choose from.

5. Temper troubles:


Unlike jogging and other cardio exercises, yoga gives you quicker results. It knows that you have patience issues and works out really fast to make its effects visible on your body. You might have to wait for 21 days or more than that to feel a cm of your bum cut off but with yoga, you do and you’re good to go. And not physically, but you would feel fit and fine mentally and emotionally as well.

6. No preps:


What is your regime before you step out for your fitness regime? Get up, freshen up, get a change of clothes , wear your trainers, take your earphones, take the water bottle, lock the house and then start up. Some people dread going for exercise for the fear of doing so many preparations before doing the actual task. But yoga? It’s as flexible as it makes you. Wouldn’t mind if you’re in your last night’s party dress or in your elder brother’s sweatshirt? It’s comfortable as long as you are. So just get up and hit it! And say hello to a fitter you.

7. Whether the weather is good or bad:


You really don’t need to wait for the perfect weather to come or wait for bad weather to pass. You can be a monk in a zen garden even if it’s storming outside or it’s raining like cats and dogs. You just need you and yourself to do this.

We hope we convinced you enough to start out your own fitness regime with yoga, didn’t we? So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab your yoga mat from the nearest departmental store and dive into the world of calm and serenity.

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