How To Be A Funny Valentine!

Don’t settle for a movie and dinner date. You are with each other because you are both unique. And unique does not do heart-shaped balloon and cheesy soft toys. If your valentine is funny, here are some ways to live that thought on February 14. heart

1. Mutilate the soft toy

 I know we said no soft toys, but hear us out. Go out and buy the largest, cheesiest, big bear you can find and give it to your beloved. Now go to town on it. Each of you gets a chance or about 10 minutes to do what you want with it — you can pummel it to ground, dress it up weird, throw darts at it. Even dare each other to pretend it’s your date and take it to a restaurant or a movie.

Teddy bear

2. Coupons

Make five chits of paper each with a dare for day — it could be dress like Bappi Lahiri; Speak only in Tamil, act like you see dead things. Put them in a jar and randomly keep picking one through the day. You have your date sorted! angel


3. Be someone else

 Role-playing is so much fun. Basically, you have to choose a character and stay in it through out your day. The  most fun to do this is in mall so you can go shopping together. You can be jealous boyfriend/girlfriend who accuses her of flirting with the salesperson; or you can be chronically insecure partner who needs to be reassured of the smallest thing, “I’m telling you baby, you are the best. I have never seen anybody park the car so well. I checked out all the cars on our floor and nobody lined it up as well as you!.” You can also be pushy girlfriend to actor aspirant boyfriend — “No, no baby, you have to sleep so that you don’t get dark circles tomorrow for the audition. Ah-uh, don’t eye that donut, you’ve put on an inch already”. Go for it! devil


4. Cheesy marathon

This one is easy but gold. Line up the funniest movies: Everything David Dhawan made, Kishore Kumar starred in and the Carry On series. Now surround yourself with chips, popcorn, nimbu paani. Take a notch higher, every time you predict a character’s catch-phrase, sip a drink.


5. Board game picnic

Can you find a hill to climb or a place for a picnic? Carry up some sandwiches, pen and paper and make your own board game. All you have to do is copy-out Monopoly and change all the names of places to funny destinations — The public toilet, for one; or King Throne at Antilla. Now change all the cards to similar actions — quack like a duck in circle; show affection like a cat. solicit like a dog… Cast the dice and you have your own game. 

monopoly customised

Stay tuned for more Valentine ideas and gifts! #HappyShopping! heart

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